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Spa Treats Inc.specializes in brand promotion and strategic buzz marketing programs.  Utilizing our experienced and professional Street Teams or Brand Ambassadors will drive a continuous flow of pre sold customers you are able to nurture into long term clients, giving you  the continual traffic that your salon requires.

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We are specialist serving clients who operate in the health and beauty industries as well as the entertainment industry.  We offer coverage in all major U.S. markets and key secondary markets, working with you on the staff side and the execution, which is the last mile to the public.

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Spa Treats Inc “Street Team Promotions” provides trained professionals who represent your brand in a manner that is friendly and engaging insuring a continuous flow of traffic to your salon.  Spa Treats synonymous with high-impact exposure outdoor advertising. We have locations in most major cities

Custom Campaign campaigns

Spa Treats Inc provides customized brand marketing campaigns for your beauty and health  services. We bring the exposure and the results businesses need in expanding their brands and reinforcing their brand message to specific demographics effectively.

Popular Procedures


Ayurveda Spa

Holistic Spa at Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute has a range of Ayurvedic bodywork and massage treatments in its offering.


Thermal Spa

Europe’s hot springs have been making wintertime feel like a summer beach party since the days of the ancient Greeks