Well-executed online monitoring and social media monitoring will reveal useful information about your brand, your customers and your competition. It will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy or campaign. Reliable data offers a strong base for any online marketing plan!

Data geprint

Social media check

Our online social media checks are very valuable before, during and at the conclusion of any online or social media campaign. Our analytics give a clear overview of what your customers say about your product on blogs, forums and other social media channels. We can also undertake online research of your competition’s online presence, tell you how to improve your online social media reputation or how you can raise brand awareness amongst your potential clients.

We constantly track the latest online and social media activities, process this and give you custom made analysis. We select the exact tools to suit your needs and wishes to make sure you get the insights you are looking for.

Online reputation

Online advertising is a very effective way to reach a lot of people in a short time. We design and develop ads in line with your current (online) campaign to appeal to your target audience. We undertake the ad management and procurement of social media advertising campaigns, bannering and search engine advertisements (SEO & SEA). Optimizing your advertising makes sure your advertising budget is used in the most cost-effective way, with a high conversion rate.