video marketing targeting

Powerful targeting.
Simplified management.
Revolutionary results.

Revolutionary Video Advertising for
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Spa Treats technology is revolutionizing video advertising on premium platforms. Our solution works across walled gardens to provide advanced audience targeting and insights, simplified media execution and campaign management, and complete cross-platform reporting — empowering media agencies and brand advertisers to deliver extraordinary campaign performance.

Sophisticated targeting, driven by data science.

Identify audiences across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with Pixability’s proprietary machine learning techniques, which leverage rich historical data to help lower the walls between walled gardens. Our insights unlock the most advanced targeting capabilities on 3M+ YouTube channels and within each platform, including behavior, interests, location, demographics, remarketing, and contextual targeting. Discover unique intelligence on the most relevant influencers, competitor strategies, and trending topics to inform content and messaging throughout the consumer lifecycle.

Streamline campaign managementSimplified execution, to deliver extraordinary performance

Streamline campaign management and save time. Spa Treats platform makes campaign setup 3x faster, enables complex multivariate testing of 500+ campaigns in just a few clicks, and delivers real-time optimization. Dynamic budget allocation maximizes performance against campaign KPIs across video platforms in-flight.

Our data-driven hypertargeting connects with the right audiences, when and where they’re most receptive to brand messaging. Combined with full transparency, verified viewability, and guaranteed brand safety, Spa Treats ensures campaigns will deliver benchmark-beating outcomes every time.



Unified reportingUnified reporting, providing robust insights

Understand campaign results and identify actionable insights easily. Spa Treats user-friendly, custom dashboard brings together campaign results across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with normalized metrics, to enable clear campaign performance analysis in a single glance, and simplify cross-platform comparisons.